Confirmed: The Proton-M rocket exploded due to sabotage

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Russian Federal Security Service found evidence that Russia's most advanced satellites carrier Proton-M rocket became victim of sabotage. The rocket that carried a satellite exploded above Kazakhstan last month. Investigators found evidence that failure has been introduced into the system during the manufacturing process and timed in such a way to make the rocket fail in the third phase of its launch and burn up in the atmosphere.

According to Izvestia daily, investigators interrogated 15 employees who might have been involved in the manufacture of that phase of production, which triggered the failure of the rocket. The results of the polygraph tests have been handed over to the Ministry of Interior, which opened criminal proceeding in the case, but the saboteurs' names have not been disclosed.

Last year, a Proton-M rocket also became victim of sabotage. Then the rocket's angular velocity sensor deliberately installed incorrectly.

Due to international cooperation in the aerospace industry, companies that are involved in the production process of the Proton-M rocket wholly or partially western and privately owned enterprises.

The Interior Ministry has not released specific information whether the employees interrogated working for those firms.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Russia still has the death penalty...

Anonymous said...

Never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by incompetence...

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