"Csíksomlyó" Pentecost Mass was celebrated in front of half a million pilgrims

Saturday, June 7, 2014

In his sermon, "Marosvásárhely" Archdeacon Dénes Oláh reminded the faithful of the importance of cultural self-awareness.

The Archdeacon said "the Hungarian people and the Székely communities are targeted by faceless demonic forces that want to destroy them (...) and deliver them to the mercy of multinational corporations".

He encouraged the faithful to keep united and don't separate their Roman Catholic faith from their nationalities. "If we want to live an honest life and are committed to the common good of the community, the two should be linked closely," he ​​said.

It was enough of the pointless flag-waving and national romanticism; one must realize that the time has come to start working. Each one of us should retain the place in life that the Lord assigned to us and to which God has called us said the Archdeacon.

Hungarian President János Áder also attended the Pentecost Mass

“Csángó” Hungarian pilgrims going to the "Csíksomlyó" Pentecost Mass on foot

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful to see! Thank you for the updates and good news.

Anonymous said...

It is important to draw and arrive to conclusions from incidental data. This is one of them.
It is officially claimed, that the Hungarian population of Romania is only 2 million.
Are we to believe that the qurter(! - whoah!) of this entire "2 million" was at Csiksomlyo?
Not very plausible, is it?
Use your head, reason and logic...
The true number is way higher; at least double, even that puts it the attendees at 1/8th of the total - still only a barely acceptable number considering the distances.
Historically, a huge event like this, over a geographic area that large, would be somewhere at 10% attendance.

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