Donbass People's Militia set up the first anti-aircraft regiment in south-east Ukraine

Friday, June 6, 2014

Donbass People's Militia set up the first anti-aircraft regiment significantly upgrading the people's militia military capabilities. After obtaining large amounts of air defense equipment, the leadership of the militia has decided to set up the air defense regiment as soon as possible.

The regiment will be broken up into small groups, which will be deployed to assist the various combat units fighting in south-east Ukraine and help to protect rebel held strongholds from air assaults. The air defense division recently has acquired shoulder-fired Strela and Strela-2-3 missiles.

Strela missiles are highly effective against low flying attack helicopters. Rebels already shot down several Ukrainian helicopters near Sloviansk by using these missiles; but shoulder-fired Strela-2-3 missiles can be used against fighter jets as well. At the time, Iraq has also achieved impressive results against American jets by deploying these missiles during the invasion of the country.



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