Fifth generation Knyaz Vladimir ballistic missile submarine will be built only from locally manufactured parts

Monday, June 30, 2014


Fifth generation Knyaz Vladimir ballistic missile submarine will be built in Severodvinsk. The nuclear submarine will be built only from domestically produced parts - reports Sevmas news service. This will be top of the line Russian nuclear submarine.

The news report emphasizes that not one part of the submarine has been produced by western companies. Most parts are produced directly in Russian factory workshops.

It seems that after the explosion of Russia's top of the line advanced satellite carrier Proton-M rocket less than a month ago thought Russians the bitter truth, when it comes to producing top notch hardware western companies can't be trusted.

Earlier, Russian Federal Security Service found evidence that the country's most advanced satellites carrier Proton-M rocket became victim of sabotage. The rocket that carried a satellite exploded above Kazakhstan last month. Investigators found evidence that failure has been introduced into the system during the manufacturing process and timed in such a way to make the rocket fail in the third phase of its launch and burn up in the atmosphere.

Due to international cooperation in the aerospace industry, companies that are involved in the production process of the Proton-M rocket wholly or partially western and privately owned enterprises.

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