Globalist front Amnesty International provocation attempt has been rejected

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Globalist front Amnesty International applied for permit to display a 30-square-foot billboard above “Szabadság” bridge depicting two gay men ready to kiss one other.

The provocation intended as a prelude to the upcoming Budapest Pride on June 27 and July 5. The extremist liberal organization argued that the purpose of the initiative was to inform the public of the main massage of the gay fest: "love is a human right".

Budapest City Council unanimously rejected the application of the liberal organization said Jobbik member of Budapest city council Pál Losonczy; even non-member Socialist party observers were shocked by the initiative of the bogus human rights organization.

Amnesty International routinely supports extremist liberal events like the gay parade. The fake human rights organization openly supports the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gender people to publicly promote their sexual orientations.

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Angela Bogaczy said...

Well done, Budapest City Council! And huge congratulations to the writer of this piece, especially for awarding the pretentiously and deceptively named Amnesty International the epithets it fully deserves. (Is there any international organisation that purports to deal with human rights and is not a human decency sabotaging movement?)

Anonymous said...

The Socialist-Capitalist Alliance: the Fabian Society, the Frankfurt School, and Big Business: Part One

Most people with a critical interest in the Western policies and practices of multiculturalism and mass-immigration have probably heard of cultural Marxism. This 20th century strain of Marxism produced by the Frankfurt School a.k.a. the Institute for Social Research in Germany, and later in New York where it was affiliated with Columbia University, is responsible for Critical Theory, PC, repressive tolerance, "diversity is our strength," and other insidious tactics and strategies that are gradually stripping away the cultural traditions, ethnic identity, national sovereignty, and historical memory of the European peoples.

But do most people know the link of cultural Marxism, in particular its strategy of the “long march through the institutions”, to another socialist society famed for its “gradualism” and its connection to the British Labour Party? This society is called the Fabian Society and heavily influenced, indeed was a precursor to, the creation of the Frankfurt School.

There are many shared aspects between the Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School:
Both claim to promote socialism, the counter-ideology of capitalism
Both have been and are funded by extremely wealthy people and groups who attained their affluence as capitalists
Both promote the radical transformation of Western civilization through Socialist utopianism
Both reject revolutionary Marxism and instead use and advocate “gradualism”, a step-by-step long-term plan to change the character of the West through stealth and infiltration

The following is part one of a three part series on the Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School. The three parts are: 1) The History and Intentions of the Fabian Society and its Link to Big Business, 2) the Frankfurt School and its Link to Big Business, 3) The Labour Party, Fabianism, Big Business, and the Cultural Marxist-Initiated Immigration and Multiculturalism Program in Western Nations.

Part I: The History and Intentions of the Fabian Society and its Link to Big Business

The British East India Company (BEIC), founded in 1600, made many of its shareholders (many of whom were masons) very wealthy. By the time of its end in 1873, several shareholders were major financiers and had a kind of pre-Fabian elitist philosophy, which eventually played a key role in the establishment of the Fabian Society.
...The Fabians preferred the method of “permeation,” or what Margaret (Postgate) Cole termed the “honeycomb” effect. Instead of undertaking direct confrontational action, for example, by aligning themselves with working-class trade unionism or other militant socialists, the Fabians sought to change the system from within, and would achieve this by a process of infiltration. Through their great intellectual weight, they would “persuade” members of government (whatever the Party), civil servants, and other people in power that ameliorating the plight of the less fortunate in society was a necessary and just cause. They achieved a measurable success at this because they possessed among their small number some of the best minds and celebrities of the time.
...Part of the strategy of the Fabian Society for gaining power gradually was infiltration and replacement. It sought allies in the universities, Churches, and newspapers, trained speakers, writers, and politicians, and indoctrinated young scholars who would eventually infiltrate educational institutions, government agencies, and political parties to promote Fabian socialism...

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