God save Ukraine - George Soros is ready to help the civil war stricken country

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

George Soros is ready to help the civil war stricken country - the American financier met Ukrainian President Petro Porosenko in Kiev on Monday.

The UNIAN news agency quoted the Ukrainian president's office informing the public of the establishment of a "strategic advisory group" announced by George Soros to help the Kiev government implementing reforms in the war torn country.

We have formed a strategic advisory group in order to quickly respond to emerging challenges in Ukraine said Soros.

According to the president's office, Porosenko stressed the need to coordinate efforts and implement reforms in the country to provide strong support for Soros' initiative, which proposes free insurances for businesses ready to invest in the politically unstable Ukrainian economy.

The UNIAN news agency recalled that at the end of February, after the Kiev riots that claimed the lives of 80 people George Soros called on the leaders of the European Union to put together a Marshall Plan to help the Ukrainian economy.

(Notes: Eastern-Europeans are more than familiar with the medicine that most probably will be administered to Ukraine in the coming months and years. The most likely solution that Soros advocating will include: 1. Support organizations (NGOs) that will undermine the core values of civil society. 2. Set up globalist media outlets to disseminate anti-religious propaganda across the country. 3. Promote gay marches in the name of tolerance and democracy. 4. Manipulate markets by making state enterprises loss-making operations, and urge the government to privatize them as soon as possible – and of course, the benevolent promoters of democracy will be the ones that buy them up for pennies.

And as a final step, the entire social safety net will be destroyed by eliminating millions of jobs in order to "encourage competition" in the "labor market", so that the new owners can hire cheap laborers for their newly purchased enterprises.)

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Anonymous said...

A rhetorical, personal question:
If Satan would offer you help, would you take it?
Just askin'...

Anonymous said...

Soros creates the Ukrainian crisis and then he holds his hands out to help - how diabolical.
We know who you are Soros - a Naci collaborator

Anonymous said...

Bretton Woods II and George Soros

...At the end of the 20th century, the illusion emerged that the world might become unipolar and be controlled by Washington, and Pax Americana was built under the guise of globalisation. Today, however, Washington is losing its influence in the world, and chances are there will be no repetition of Bretton Woods.
...eorge Soros as a mouthpiece of the Rothschild clan

It is well known that George Soros is a protégé of the Rothschilds, their mouthpiece. Through the public statements and actions of this financial speculator, renowned for his scandalous behaviour, it is possible to put together some idea of his bosses. The Rothschilds are absolute cosmopolitans, they do not hold on to any kind of national identity, unlike the Rockefellers whom America needs, because the printing press and military-industrial complex it is called upon to protect are located in America. In terms of Soros’ understanding of a global currency, therefore, then it is more likely a combination of a supranational currency and gold.
...He is an advocate of regulating the economy by means of major corporations and banks. Such regulation may be supplemented by regulation from supranational bodies. The institutes of the European Union, which Soros also had a hand in creating, may serve as examples of such bodies. Soros does not like the European Central Bank, the European Commission and other bodies of European integration because they provide some kind of economic efficiency and improve people’s lives; he likes them because they are bringing the death of nation states closer, thus clearing a space for monopolies and banks.
... Properly speaking, Soros is an advocate of financial capitalism. Exactly the same capitalism that Austrian socialist Rudolf Hilferding, who took financial capitalism to mean bankocracy, or the dictatorship of banks, wrote about a century ago.
...The Rothchilds do not like national currencies, which they see as an anachronism of the 20th century; they interfere with the creation of a world government. In order to get rid of national currencies more quickly, the nation state needs to be destroyed, and to accomplish this, every cultural and moral foundation of society must be undermined as much as possible. Observing Soros is evidence that the billionaire is promoting the cultural degeneration of mankind. Soros supports the rights of the «oppressed minorities» to abortion, atheism, the legalisation of drugs, sexual enlightenment, euthanasia, feminism, single-sex marriages and so on. He is in favour of globalisation in all its manifestations, mass immigration, and birth control. He promotes these ideas around the world through his Open Society Institute, which has branches in 60 countries (total expenditure on the institute’s activities is nearly $600 million a year). There are many other political, financial and media veterans who help Soros with his propaganda work, including the former president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Jacques Attali. The striking similarity between the philosophies of Soros and Attali is astonishing. Both are cosmopolitans to the core, both put their trust in the organisational role of banks, both fiercely attack what there is left of culture and religion, both talk about the need for a global central bank, a global armed forces and so forth. It feels as if they have a common boss and client.
...but there is no doubt that the ‘broad-minded’ Soros focussed on destroying the foundations of traditional society. In his opinion piece published six months before the New Bretton Woods conference, Soros wrote: «Reorganising the world order will need to extend beyond the financial system.» The billionaire is expressing the world view of his bosses for whom money, finance, exchange rates, gold fixing, securities, loans, derivatives, exchanges and other attributes of the modern financial system are just the means, not the goal. The goal is world power.

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