Gypsy criminal celebrated his release from jail by savagely beating and raping a 24-year-old woman in the city of “Makó”

Monday, June 9, 2014

Police arrested a repeat offender gypsy criminal and looking for another one for savagely beating and raping a 24-year-old woman in the city of “Makó”.

The young woman was on his way home from work and around 1 am, two Gypsies attacked and one of them raped her. One of the Gypsy criminals was on probation when the assault and the rape took place.

Because the victim fiercely resisted to the attackers she was severely beaten up, as a result, she suffered life-threatening injuries.

The incident wasn't reported for almost a week. Soon after the police were notified, “Makó” city investigators identified the suspects and within a few hours arrested one of the attackers. The 23-year-old repeat offender gypsy criminal has been charged with assault and rape said Csongrád County police spokesman Szabolcs Szenti.

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Anonymous said...

The sooner we return tho the thousands of years old(!), TRIED and TRUE human standards of evaluation of crimes, fitting punishment and profiling of both groups and individuals, the BETTER OFF we well be. Thousands of years of human experience and practice cannot, and will not be undone by a few decades of softheaded stupefying stupidity.

Things WILL correct themselves, as they always have, and proper and fitting response will eventually reassert themselves to fit and conform to the thousands of years human practice, which evolved through tried-and-true experience.

The current state of perceived societal and economic aimless foundering and instability which is perceptible in EVERY Western country - HU included - is due in no small measure of abandoning the tenets, practice and rules of old (which seemed cruel/racist/exclusionary/just) but lent a feel of security and stability and hope in the future of nations and societies.
It's now gone.
Thirtysome year old women with husbands and decent paying jobs are unwilling to have children - even though they desperately yearn for it - because thy feel that all stability, justice, honesty, sensibility, decency (which include HARSH punishment for nasty acts) is GONE. This introduces a sense of profound societal and future insecurity for bearing and raising children.
BTW: I happened to talk just last night about this with a couple of women without children in their early thirties. They are scared to have children, both with good incomes b/c of this flux and rampant senseless softheaded stupidity going on on EVERY level of society and existence.

It's sad, but they feel that the future is fvcked - in all the West - as not a single point of sensibility, stability and predictability exist for their future of both raising, and for their children's future.

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