Hungarian Day at Azerbaijani Kurultaj

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Organized by the Azerbaijani government and voluntary organizations, Hungarian Day will be held in Baku's historic Castle District (Içeri sahar) during this year's Azerbaijani Kurultaj. The Hungarian Turan Foundation's 13-person delegation traveled to the event that covers wide range of cultural activities including concerts, traditional contests and other educational programs.

The Hungarian delegation

The Azerbaijani language belongs to Turkish Oguz languages. The territory of present-day Azerbaijan occupied by Seljuk Turkish Oguz tribes in the eleventh century gradually assimilating the local population but the Turkic element remained dominant; however, Azerbaijani population also include Iranian and Caucasian stock as well.

It is noteworthy that one of the constituent element of the Azerbaijani nation is Savard Hungarians. Savard Hungarians settled in the region around 750 and lived mostly in the southern edges of the Caucasus plains. After several centuries of separation they were slowly assimilated into the emerging Azerbaijani population.

Azerbaijan's current population is 9 million, but it is important to point out that the total number of Azerbaijanis who live in the region are over 20 million of which one million live in the former Soviet Union successor states and more than 10 million as a minority in northern Iran.

In the early 1990s, the country of Azerbaijan has lost 16% of its territory to Armenia - Nagorno Karabakh. In the bloody war fought over the territory, thirty thousand people were killed and one million Azerbaijani refugees had to live their homes.

The Art Garden in the Old Town in Baku

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Ádám said...

There are no genetic and linguistic connection between Hungarians and turkic people. Only Cuman minority of Hungary (who has dual identity until this day) has relations with turkic people and central asia.

Ádám said...

There aren't scholars who support (academics, university professor linguists or historians) it on this planet, who believe in the ethnic or linguistic relations/connections of Hungarian people and Turkic people.
Hungarian people and language are not related with turkic people and language:

Hungarians are genetically more european than most slavic speaking people (who contain more Asian mongoloid Y and mt.DNA haplogroup markers), but all Northern Germanic nations (incl. Northern Germany too) have higher ratio of Mongolid haplogroup markers . See the ratio of Central Asian haplogroup „Q” and the other mongoloid haplogroup marker „N” (aka. N1C1) markers in the genetic CHART of European nations:

And see the high ratio of middle-eastern haplogroup markers (various „J” and african E1b1) in all balkan populations (inc. Romania). De facto, these nations populations genetically are less European than Hungarians.

Do not forget that vast majority of balkan population is not only genetically but anthropogically less white (average darker eye and hair color, skin tone) so-called „WOG” people. Just type in google image searcher: „eye color map” , „hair color map”.

Skin tone map:

Hair color map

Eye color map:

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