Hungarian team wins gold medal at Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Hungarian dragon boat team made ​​its debut this year's Hong Kong dragon boat race, which took place Monday June 2nd reported Hungarian Consul General in Hong Kong Akos Erdődi.

"The two hundred units participated in the competition have been divided in three categories; the Hungarians team reached the finish line first in the Mixed Plate Gold category winning gold medal in its category," said Erdődi.

The victory is a spectacular success taking into account that the Hungarian team, made up by amateurs, debuted this year in the famous tournament, which provided real-life experience to the team.

"The Hungarian team was formed for the first time to start a tradition; the team already indicated its willingness to participate in next year's race. The long-term goal is to make the dragon boat race part of the world famous Hungarian water sports tradition" said the consul general.

The Hong Kong dragon boat race festival attracts huge crowds to the port each year. Most of the races aired live on local television.



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