Hungarian government offices will be scattered across the country

Friday, June 6, 2014

According to government spokeswoman Éva Kurucz, the prime minister's office will move to Buda Castle district, near Sándor Palace, in the convent of the Carmelites no later than March 15, 2016.

Several other ministries will be relocating to rural cities across the country according to the decision of the government.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán asked Defense Minister Csaba Hende to relocate the ministry of defense to the city of Székesfehérvár no later than March 15, 2016.

The ministry of agriculture will be relocating to Debrecen and the Ministry Of Intergovernmental Affairs Office led by János Lázár will be moving to Kecskemét - the latter can happen much sooner even before the end of this year said the spokeswoman.

The third Orbán government first meeting was held Friday afternoon after the ministers of the new governments swore in.

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what is the reason behind it?

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