Hungarians remembered the 94th anniversary of Trianon dictate, the single biggest tragedy in the history of the nation

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Yesterday, Hungarians from all walks of life remembered the 94th anniversary of the Trianon tragedy, which is the single biggest tragedy in the nation's history orchestrated by the cabal to create never-ending hostilities in Central-Europe in the spirit of divide and conquer.

Jobbik youth wing held a candlelight vigil in Budapest yesterday to remind passers-by of the significance of the anniversary.

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Géza said...

Although Trianon was a crime against Hungary, it is also a blessing, because we got rid of large groups of no-hungarians who would become a big danger in modern times. Don't forget we hungarians would be a minority by now in "big" Hungary. That means we lost all power in our own country.

The borders had to be drawn by ethic lines in 1920. Then our fellow Hungarians would be still with us.

Anonymous said...

Géza that is not correct, most slavs would have assimilated by now, and maybe a few romanians would have remained

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