Hungary has asked Gazprom to increase natural gas deliveries to the country

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hungary has asked Gazprom to increase gas deliveries to the country's underground gas storage facilities announced the Russian minister of energy in Vienna on Tuesday.

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak met Hungary's National Development Minister Miklós Seszták on Tuesday in Vienna where Seszták asked the Russian energy minister for increased gas deliveries to the country.

The Russian energy minister said Gazprom was currently examining the Hungarian request, but expressed his belief that Hungary would receive a favorable response.

Hungarian underground gas reserves can meet the country's need for half a year. Hungarian underground storage facilities will be filled to their capacities making sure that in case of disruption in Russian gas export to Europe due to the escalating Ukrainian crisis the country still can function as usual.

MOL CEO József Molnár warned that disruptions in Russian gas deliveries to Europe were distinct possibilities. A recent terrorist attack on an Ukrainian gas pipeline could be interpreted as the first warning sign of possible disturbances in future Russian gas deliveries to Europe.

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