Hungary ready to participate in EU's Ukraine mission

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In Luxembourg on Monday, Hungarian minister of foreign affairs and trade Tibor Navracsics said that Hungary is ready to undertake a role in a non-military mission by the European Union aimed at consolidating the rule of law in Ukraine .

Speaking to Hungarian reporters after a meeting with his EU counterparts, Mr. Navracsics said that Hungary would contribute some experts to the mission, which is planned for a team of 50; these would be mostly police officers, who would provide support to the reform of Ukraine's civilian security bodies, and train police and National Guard personnel.

Mr. Navracsics said that it is in Hungary’s interest to see a territorially-intact Ukraine, which observes democratic norms, the rule of law and constitutionality.

Mr. Navracsics welcomed the political consensus between Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and representatives of the Hungarian minority as a sign that Ukraine will enforce the rights of its Hungarian community.

The Minister added that Hungary could become a major supplier of gas to Ukraine with an interconnecting supply line between the two countries, thus contributing to Ukraine’s stability.

In answer to a question, Mr. Navracsics said that representatives from the UK, Sweden and the Baltic countries had suggested that the EU should step up its sanctions against Russia, but he added that the majority of foreign ministers did not support this proposal.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)


Anonymous said...

Ukraine may lose $100 Billion in next three years if it stops cooperation with Russia, Customs Union

Ukraine may lose about $100 billion within a period from 2015 to 2018 if it severs cooperation ties with the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan after reorienting towards the European Union, the Committee of Civil Initiatives said in a report entitled "The Dead-end of the Struggle of Integration Drives in Europe."

According to experts, the most vulnerable to losses might be Ukrainian exports to Russia and other Customs Union countries, with an estimated loss of $14.3-15.3 billion dollars a year. Apart from that, this shock scenario would include deterioration in trade and economic relations between Ukraine and the Customs Union countries and a slump in cash proceeds from labor migration, where losses are estimated at seven to eight billion US dollars a year.

Moreover, Ukraine will run a risk of having to buy Russian gas at higher prices [an annual loss of 2.2-3.7 billion US dollars], a risk of being short of Russian investments to a sum of about $2 billion a year, a risk of Russians’ refraining from trips to Ukraine ($1.5-1.6 billion), and a risk of scaling down of cooperation between Russian and Ukrainian freight operators (an estimated loss of $0.4 billion)

Experts however say the most adverse effects of such shock scenario would be felt for about two first years - in 2015 and 2016, with subsequent normalization of relations in 2017 and 2018, TASS reports.

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