Istvan Gajdos the head of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance of Hungarians (UMDSZ) resigns

Monday, June 30, 2014

The only Hungarian member of the Ukrainian Parliament hopes that by stepping down he will help forging a united front among Hungarians in Transcarpathia in these critical times of Ukraine's history.

Gajdos hopes that his resignation will help to forge an alliance among the UMDSZ, the other Transcarpathian Hungarian organization, the Hungarian Cultural Association (KMKSZ) and the Hungarian government as well as promotes the unity of the Transcarpathian Hungarian community announced the statement released by the UMDSZ presidency.

Gajdos announced his resignation at the UMDSZ weekend's Beregszász meeting. The politician explained that he has led the organization for 12 years and with his resignation a period in the life of the party has come to an end. Gajdos reasoned that his decision motivated by wish for unity among Hungarians and he didn't want to be accused of being an obstacle in the way of uniting the Hungarian community in Ukraine reads the statement.

The unity of Hungarians in Ukraine's present situation has paramount importance, since the division of the populace weakens the community's ability to represent its interests and diminishes its bargaining position in the Ukrainian political arena writes the politician.

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