John Morgan: "What Nationalism in Eastern Europe Can Teach the West"

Friday, June 13, 2014

John Morgan, director of Arktos Media, speaks at the 2014 American Renaissance conference about his experience with the Maidan movement in Ukraine and the nationalist party Jobbik in Hungary.


Anonymous said...

Universalism metaphysical white people worshipers, dangerous naive doesn't understand the history of Hungary and already is talking as if he is an expert, anyone with real knowledge has to study the history, religion and culture before presenting on a region, very amatuer speech.

Ádám said...

Despite of the population genetic researches and liguistic facts, the Jobbik support the pseudo-scientific turanism, which consider Hungarians as semi-mongoloid non-white turkic nation. I can't understand , how can a turanist speak about white people?

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