Miskolc, Hungary's third largest city has received a unique chance to change course

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jobbik Chairman Gábor Vona nominated the head of the party's Miskolc wing Péter Jakab to run as Jobbik mayoral candidate for Hungary's third largest city in the upcoming mayoral election in the fall.

Jakab received unanimous support from the party organization including the party's Miskolc wing. The Jobbik politician has Jewish ancestry, but he neither profited nor suffered disadvantage of this fact as the Jobbik party weighs candidates solely on merits.

At a press-conference the Jobbik politician called his nomination a great honor. He emphasized that in Borsod county Jobbik has become the biggest opposition force, the only true challenger of the Fidesz party. This success can be attributed to the coordinated team work of Jobbik Miskolc wing; the next step would be winning the municipal election in the fall. Jobbik is ready to lead the city and implement measures to improve the lives of the residents of the city, also to implement the party's program and hold politicians accountable for their actions.

The Jobbik politician emphasized that if the Jobbik party wins the mayoral election law and order will be restored in the city. Jobbik distinguishes two kinds of individuals: builders and destroyers - the formers will be supported the latter persecuted; meanwhile, Jobbik will put an end to the practice of handing out millions to people with various ethnic backgrounds. In a Jobbik run city "origin will be neither advantage nor disadvantage," said Jakab, adding that he himself is the guarantee for that, who happens to have Jewish ancestry.

He stressed that Jobbik will implement a successful urban management program that will generate thousands of value added jobs. Jakab stressed that Jobbik will sign a strategic partnership agreement with small and medium-sized enterprises, and if necessary, the party will even legislate a legal framework to give a chance to small businesses.

According to Péter Jakab, transparency in city politics is paramount: the Mayor's Office and Miskolc Holding should eliminate rather than hide corruption. The Jobbik politician indicated that he will initiate investigations in every case when there is a suspicion of improper use of public funds, when major investments are awarded, or when rewards are paid out to trouble-makers.

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Angela Bogaczy said...

What is going on? Fidesz is ready to send seven Jews to the EP: József Szájer, Tamás Deutsch, Ágnes Hankiss, György Schöpflin, Ádám Kósa, Gáspár Frivaldszky, Hammerstein Judit. Krisztina Morvai turns out to be a full-blooded Halachistic (Sephardic?) Jew. (I understand at last why she declined to sign the petition against the banning of the Gárda.) Now Vona backs Péter Jakab for Miskolc mayor! I have a serious case of the screaming heeby-jeebies. Is there a method in this madness, or is it just madness? Were the Kún and Rákosi gangs not enough to teach us a basic lesson? I remember Endre Ady’s remark, and shudder: ‘Ebben a városban valaki vagy zsidó, vagy pojáca.’ (In this town somebody is either a Jew or a leech.) Please, if someone can come forward with reassuring words, do!

HungarianAmbiance said...

As far as I understand it, Morvai comes from a Greek-Catholic family on the mother's side. Her grandfather was a priest.

“Budapesten születtem 1963. június 22-én. Apai ágon Sopronkövesdről származom, felmenőim gazdálkodók, azaz parasztemberek voltak, apám "első generációs értelmiségi", közgazdász végzettségű. Az 1956. évi forradalomig egy vállalatnál, majd azt követően kisiparosként dolgozott. Anyai ágon debreceni, illetve hajdúsámsoni vagyok, azon a környéken szolgált görög katolikus papként a nagypapám. Édesanyám "topmodell", manöken volt harminc éven át.”

HungarianAmbiance said...

Jakab's grandmother converted to Catholicism in 1925 and she escaped being deported during the second world war. She raised 11 children in poverty. His great-grandfather perished in Auschwitz, said Jakab to yesterday.

Angela Bogaczy said...

Thanks, HungarianAmbiance. I do recall Dr Morvai's account of her background that you cite. I think this is also the one in which she said explicitly: ‘Nincs zsidó vérem.’ But the 'Halachistic Jew' claim about her is quite extensive now. And I have heard no response from her.

Jakab: grand/great-grandparents were Jewish. And his parents?

I'm sorry: perhaps I am making too much of this.

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