PM Viktor Orbán: Greater latitude should be given to national economies

Monday, June 16, 2014

Greater latitude should be given to national economies in the European Union, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The prime minister talked to the Hungarian media on Monday in Albufeira, southern Portugal where the European People's Party holds a meeting working out policy strategy for the EU parliament 2014 to 2019 term.

Viktor Orbán said that one of his main goals in the next five years would be to change current EU regulations on national economies; national economies should be given greater latitude, because if they under-perform the European Union can't thrive. "The EU can succeed only if the national economies perform well," stressed the prime minister.

PM Orbán also urged the European Union to be more proactive regarding the Ukrainian crisis. "Let's call a Russia-EU conference, and discuss not only the Ukrainian crisis, but also cooperation with Russia for the next 20 to 25 years; determine the major goals and reach an agreement on those issues" said PM Orbán.

PM Orbán said "I suggest that in the next five years in terms of foreign policy let's be more proactive and renew our policies radically".

Then, the prime minister called for cheap energy for the European economies adding that the European nuclear energy policy should be reconsidered.

Orbán also remarked that in his opinion stronger government involvement was needed in job creation. "First you have to create jobs and this will create a competitive economy". According to the prime minister, the state has to get involved in job creation without increasing public debt. "It's difficult but not impossible task, in Hungary it is called work-based economy" said Orbán.

Speaking of Hungary, Viktor Orbán also noted that over the past four years Hungary has emerged stronger from a serious economic crisis, "with a little differently implemented crisis management", as proposed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Commission. Hungary closed its IMF program by paying back IMF loans before the deadline and taking control of the country's economic policy - he also stressed the need for a flexible crisis-management policy.

Viktor Orbán criticized the European Commission country report on Hungary calling it harmful from the political point of view; than, he added that "sooner or later these country reports should be taken under political control."

If the European institutions would provide greater opportunities for non-EU states to develop relations with EU states, the European Union would be much more successful concluded his presentation Viktor Orbán at the European People's party conference.

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