Poland's FM believes alliance with US is harmful for his country

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Poland’s Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski told the country’s former minister of finance Jacek Rostovski that the US-Polish alliance is worthless and is in fact harmful for Poland, Wprost magazine reports citing the politician.

As the eavesdropping scandal in Poland exploding, Wprost obtained new details of the secretly recorded conversation took place among several government officials in a restaurant including Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, former government Press Secretary Pawel Gras, the Minister of Government Property Wlodzimierz Karpinski and former Finance Minister Jacek Rostovski.

At one point, Poland’s foreign minister said that the foreign policy of Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak were wrong and "the US-Polish alliance was worthless."

The alliance with the US is "harmful because it creates a false sense of security." He elaborated by saying that "we’ll ruin our relations with Germany and France because we support the US".

(The Voice of Russia edited by

(Notes: The current situation in Europe reminds one of the last days of communism, when two kinds of opinion existed side by side: public opinion and private opinion. Publicly most people praised and celebrated the communist system and the corrupt and primitive leaders that ran it.

But when the topic came up in private conversation people cursed the system and the entire state apparatus that sustained it.

This is what we see happening today at every level in the European Union. Agents of the globalist organization have more factual evidence of the extent of corruption than the average TV watcher. The general public gets shocked when finds out uncomfortable truths privately expressed by government officials as they can't detect the deceptive nature of the nonstop political theater brought to them by the controlled media twenty-four hours a day.

For sure the Polish foreign minister is not the only one with this kind of opinion. Due to the totalitarian nature of the European Union and the huge gap between public and private opinion, most politicians know that the globalist project built on lies and disinformation is destined to disintegrate.

The fact that both communism and global capitalism use similar means to maintain the system (corruption, brainwashing of the masses, control of the media and so on and so forth) mean that both systems are run by the very same forces. The privately expressed views of government officials of various kinds indicate that the globalist project is heading towards a collapse. It is just the matter of when.)


Anonymous said...

The Secret Meeting of 11 June 1965 on European Monetary Union by François Asselineau, François-Xavier Grison

The European Union at present doesn’t correspond to the ambitions of Europeans between the Wars, but to those of Washington in Cold War mode. It does not aim to pool resources, but to create a grand market linked to the Anglo-American empire, removed from any influence from Moscow. Moreover, the objective is not to ensure peace in Europe (as has been seen in Yugoslavia and one sees today in Ukraine) but, on the contrary, to divide Europe between West and East. The publication of a document dating from 1965 shows how the then Vice President of the European Economic Community discussed with the US the means to ‘con’ the European population.

...It is useful to reproduce the passage here: “A memo from the European section, dated June 11, 1965, advises the vice-president of the European Economic Community, Robert Marjolin, to pursue monetary union by stealth. It recommends suppressing debate until the point at which "adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable".’
... “that monetary union will come about as a result of the momentum inherent in the Rome Treaty. Therefore, in accord with that which seems to have been the policy of drafters of the Rome Treaty, such decisions could be postponed until they become inescapable.”

..The problem, it is this mafia of supranationalists, whether commissioners, deputies or bureaucrats. They are all enemies. They have been put there by our enemies. The Socialist buddies, with some MRP hostages, friends of Felix Gaillard [tr: Radical, Prime Minister 1957-58] and of Maurice Faure [tr: perennial Minister and fervent Europeanist]. They have spent their time in forging a state of a spirit hostile to France.”

The most important lesson arising from the original memorandum of the State Department of 11 June 1965 resides in the total political allegiance – even complicity – of the EEC Vice-President, with the US officials. Robert Marjolin engages precisely in what has always been designated ‘friendship with a foreign power’ and an act of high treason vis-à-vis the 6 member states of the EEC in whose interests he is supposed to work, and particularly vis-à-vis his own country, France.

Finally, this memorandum, with its status of partial confidentiality, is only the visible part of the iceberg? The secret documents, written in a style certainly more direct and a cynicism surely more transparent, are still unopened.

Anonymous said...

In the context of European identity, aspirations, culture and history, the US is an outright ENEMY. Their presence here in Europe is a deadly disease, both physically, militarily and culturally.

Everything they push and stand for is HARMFUL to Europe - possibly fatally - if we let it go much longer.

It started with their unwanted, unneeded interference/intervention in WWI (after Germany proposed to cease hostilities, and that everybody just go back behind their WWI borders and be done with the carnage and let there be peace - again).
However America's (the real Satan) intervention changed everything, and the result was a rock-bottom minimum of 150 million dead Europeans. Chopped-up countries, human misery on a vast scale, ruined lives by the tens of millions, Communism, Fascism, Lenin, Stalin, Kun, Hitler, and the destruction of that pre-WWI genteel, humane (and humanely evolving) European culture, which albeit not perfect, was light-years ahead of what followed.

Remember, we never ceased to talk about the "Peace Times" (pre-WWI) with utter longing and nostalgia, when things were somehow more "right, humane and gentle" than at ANY TIME AFTER - including today.

The historical facts of the USA's naked evil speak for themselves from the Spanish-American war to Afghanistan of today, with God knows how many hundreds of millions killed and how many hundreds of millions of lives ruined either directly or indirectly.

An extraordinarily astute (and dead-on TRUE) observation:

"Given that the American political system sees itself as the embodiment of goodness, its diplomatic actions and foreign policies will rarely suffer from bouts of bad conscience, be it during the bombing of Dresden or the bombing of Baghdad. This is because, as White Europeans often observe, America’s identity is centered in the Jewish-inspired Biblical idea of political chosenness. This chosenness results in Americans behaving as if they have a moral imperative to punish all non-believers in the values Americans hold dear. Thus rulers who do not subscribe to democracy are perceived as less than human — as little more than dangerous animals. Accordingly, such dangerous animals need to be killed or at least removed from power."
(by Tomislav Sunic)

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