Polish police detained the head of patriot group Ruch Narodowy

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Polish police detained the head of the Polish nationalist movement Ruch Narodowy, Robert Winnicki and board member of the patriot group Krzysztof Bosak yesterday, after an anti-government demonstration.

Last night, more than a thousand people rallied in the capital demanding the resignation of the Polish government due to a leak implicating the head of the central bank of interference with government business.

Polish newspaper Wprost leaked a confidential exchange between the President of the Polish Central Bank Marek Belka and the Minister of Interior Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz. The head of the Polish Central Bank asked the minister of interior to removed then, Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski from office because otherwise, the central bank won't support government budget funding. Soon after, Finance Minister Rostrowki was relieved of his duties.

The conversation between the two officials was recorded in a restaurant and leaked to the public outraging Polish public opinion in several ways. On the one hand, people were shocked to learn that the president of the independent central bank interfering with the central government's financial policies. On the other hand, because the discussion was peppered with obscenities; apparently, the president of the central bank called the former finance minister Count von Rothfeld-Rostowski - a hint to the minister's Jewish background.

But this is not what Polish nationalist group Ruch Narodowy was upset about; rather, the minister of interior's remark on the country's status what young people didn't like: he said the Polish nation existed only in theory.

Immediately after the leak, demonstrations erupted in Poland demanding the government's resignation. The video below shows the arrest of Robert Winnicki and Krzysztof Bosak.

The Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM), which is closely allied with the Polish nationalist movement issued a statement of solidarity with the detained activists.

The HVIM among other things writes; the Hungarian youth movement stands by its Polish ally Ruch Narodowy and fully supports its struggle for a better future. As many times in the past, this time too Polish and Hungarian history overlap; it is uplifting to see that the Polish national resistance movement follows similar path as the Hungarian nationalist movement pursued during the 2006 uprising. The HVIM aware of the fact that a long and hard struggle ahead of the Polish resistance movement, but they are not alone in their struggle concludes the statement.

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