Pro-Russian rebels shot down an IL-76 aircraft Friday night, all 49 people on board died

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Ukrainian army has suffered the biggest loss so far in the war against the south-east provinces of the country controlled by pro-Russian militia.

Friday night rebel forces shot down an IL-76 transport plane, which was carrying supplies and troops to the military airport near Luhansk killing everyone on board.

The Ukrainian military controls only the airport, the surrounding area is firmly under the control of the people's militia.

To relieve the Ukrainian forces trapped in the airport Kiev launched an air and ground attack against the people's militia; but rebels blew up the bridge near Schastya preventing the Ukrainian army's armored vehicles from carry supplies to the beleaguered troops in the airport.

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Anonymous said...

Ostensibly the pro-Russia forces shot the plane down. However, in this mess, where 400 Western mercenaries are present (German intelligence source - news published). We just don't know. Remember in Kiev when "certain forces/individuals" were shooting and killing people on BOTH sides. These shooters when some of them got wounded, were evac'd to Telaviv (Draw your own conclusions).

So this shooting-down of the plane could have been done by ANYONE.
Could have been a false flag by Ukranians, (Remember Gladio, 911 etc) Could have been the foreign instigators/mercenaries to escalate and to provoke.
And could have been the actually and officially accused people.
So, take your pick - but have an open mind, and look at all possibilities - hard - and with loads of skepticism.
Look for the holes in the narrative.
The fakers/liars/murderers can never ever cover all of their bases and they make mistakes as well. It's up to you (us) to find those mistakes, holes and omissions.

False flags, provocations, instigation to rile-up populations are now at an epidemic level, world-wide.
NOTHING is clear cut or certain, nothing.
Don't rush with judgements and conclusions; you ARE BEING MANIPULATED (like it or not)..

Anonymous said...

Look at this wreckage and then look at Shanksville 9/11/01.
Compare, and draw your conclusions...

Stupdis: Just move on, don't bother, don't exert yourselves...

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