Putin signed amendment of the citizenship act

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Concealment of dual citizenship in Russia has become a criminal offense after Vladimir Putin signed the amendment of the citizenship act. The Russian President has also signed a second bill, which simplifies the registration of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as foreign agents.

According to the law, Russian citizens must be notified the immigration service in writing within 60 days after becoming citizens of another country. The law does not apply to Russian citizens living abroad permanently. If the parties concerned fail to report their foreign citizenship they commit a criminal offense, which is punishable up to 200 thousand rubles, or 400 hours of community work.

According to the Russian Constitution, a Russian citizen may acquire the citizenship of a foreign country that has valid agreement with the government of Russia. Currently, only Tajikistan and Turkmenistan have such agreements with Russia. The amendment of the dual citizenship act was proposed after the annexation of Crimea by the Russian parliament.

The other bill extends government control over non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The new legislation has simplified the registration of Russian NGOs as foreign agents; in the future competent authorities can also register NGOs as foreign agents even without the consent of the parties involved in non-governmental activities.

The much criticized foreign agent bill came into effect in November 2012. According to the bill, non-governmental organizations engaged in political activities in Russia and financed from abroad must register as foreign agents otherwise, they have to pay heavy fines.

According to official data, approximately, 80 thousand non-governmental organizations work in Russia, but so far only one registered as foreign agent. In the future, these organizations can't hide their true colors because authorities can register them even without their consent.

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Géza said...

exactly what we should do in Hungary too. Especially NGO's are a tool in he hands of our enemies.

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