Regő Cseppentő wins the King of Pentecost title in Ópusztaszer National Historical Memorial Park

Monday, June 9, 2014

After successfully completing all tests Regő Cseppentő won the King of Pentecost title at the tournament held in the Ópusztaszer National Historical Memorial Park on Monday.

The first task that all contestants had to complete to qualify for the race is to mount their horses bareback while holding three eggs in one hand; if the eggs got broken the competitor was out of the race. After successfully mounting the horse each one of them had to gallop around the race track making sure not to break the eggs.

Next, contestants had to lift a massive sheep skin from the ground while riding the horse bareback then, each of them galloped around the track carrying the sheep skin.

Next, contestants were asked to pick up a wallet from the ground while riding the horse; after that, they were told to cut an apple in half with a spontoon while riding the horse.

Finally, participants had to grab a high-mounted willow wreath while standing on the back of the horse.

Horse wrestling was also part of the race.

Champion Regő Cseppentő can keep the distinctive title for a year. He trained for the tournament with his brother Zsombor, who won the title three years ago.

According to the champion, one of the most challenging part of the preparation was to prepare the horse for the race, as horses get easily disoriented the cheers and the clappings by spectators. This was the reason why some contestants couldn't complete simple tasks at first try – the horses got confused by the chants of the spectators.

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