Repeat offender gypsy criminal sentenced only two years and ten months in prison for an attempted murder

Friday, June 6, 2014

In the summer of 2011, a gypsy horde attacked the doorkeeper of a nightclub in Vas county, which nearly ended in murder.

According to the victim, a group of gypsies arrived in the early morning hours - a mix of boys and girls - to the nightclub and tried to enter into the facility without paying admission fee.

After the doorkeeper told them they had to pay admission fees the gypsy criminals went berserk and attacked the employee of the nightclub; in the fight the doorkeeper fell to the floor and the gypsies continued kicking the defenseless victim while shouting -- you gonna die.

Meanwhile, one of the gypsy criminals grabbed a broken beer bottle and tried to stab the hopelessly outnumbered employee; the victim raised his hand to protect himself and luckily the glass cut his shoulder rather than the cervical artery that the gypsy aiming for causing several inches of open wound in the victim's upper arm.

In the following trial, due to pressure by the lawyer of the gypsy gang the corrupt court downgraded the charges against the gypsies from attempted murder to assault causing light injuries.

After an appeal was launched by the defense lawyer of the victim, the higher court charged the gypsy criminals once again with assault and sentenced one repeat offender gypsy criminal to two years and ten months in prison, the rest of the gang members received only suspended sentences.

(Note:This case shows the extent of corruption in the Hungarian justice system. It also demonstrates the control of behind the scenes forces over the Hungarian justice system when it comes to protecting assets they use in the clandestine war against the Hungarian people.)

(Oláh György - – –


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