A secret meeting is currently under way in Budapest aiming to coordinate energy policy in the wake of the Ukrainian-Russian gas crisis

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A section of the Friendship pipeline that was blown up yesterday in Ukraine has leaned that a secret meeting is under way in Budapest aiming to coordinate international energy policy in the wake of the Ukrainian-Russian gas crisis. Apparently, on Tuesday and Wednesday the Hungarian capital is the scene of a major international effort aiming to deal with the emerging energy crisis affecting the entire Europe if not the whole world.

Those who happened to be in the city center of Budapest early Wednesday morning, noticed near Deák square a huge police presence and dozens of cars with diplomatic license plates parking in the area. has learned that foreign officials responsible for energy policy in their respective countries are coordinating energy efforts in the wake of Russia's decision to shut down natural gas deliveries to Ukraine.

Most major countries including the United States and Ukraine have been represented at the two-day meeting said one source. Due to the presence of a large number of leading international representatives the Hungarian government kept the event secret, but after the meeting a statement will be issued to the public.

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