Hungarian Puli Space Technologies is a strong contender in Google Lunar Xprize race

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Puli's greatness lies in its simplicity

Puli Space Technologies and Design Terminal host Google Lunar XPrize (Team Summit) annual conference on June 3-6, 2014, where participating teams discuss the state of their projects.

The total prize pool of $ 30 million Google Lunar XPrize is one of the most significant technological competitions in the world today aiming to develop a low - cost robotic reconnaissance moon vehicle. Organizers of the competition are hoping that the participating teams develop a new Lunar vehicle, which significantly reduces the budget of lunar expeditions.

One of the requirements of being accepted into the competition is that the project must be funded by private capital (non-government sources). One of the major challenges is how to get the moon rover to the moon as the vehicle must travel at least 500 meters on the moon surface and send Mooncast - high-definition video and imagery - to the Earth.

The Mooncast must include 360 -degree panoramic images taken of the moon's surface by the vehicle's camera in real-time.

The team that first successfully completes the mission will receive the grand prize of $ 20 million; the runner-up team will receive $ 5 million prize money as well. A number of other technology related accomplishments are also acknowledged an additional $ 5 million in total value.

The Hungarian team is led by dr. Tibor Pacher. Puli lunar rover has been under development since 2010; it already successfully passed several crucial tests including a Morocco desert test and the Mauna Kea volcanic terrain test in Hawaii. The vehicle successfully transmitted signals to Hungary, therefore, developers believe that they have a world-class product.

Of the 29 initial entrants only 18 teams are still in the race, including Puli Space Technologies of Hungary.

Teams are still in the competition:
Puli Space Technologies (Hungary)
Astrobotic (USA)
Moon Express (USA)
Omega Envoy (USA)
Penn State Lunar Lion Team (USA)
Team SpaceIL (Israel)
Team Italia (Italy)
Independence -X (Malaysia)
Hakuto (Japan)
Part-Time - Scientists (Germany)
Barcelona Moon Team (Spain)
Meta Space (Brazil)
Plan B (Canada)
AngelicvM (Chile)
Team Indus (India)
Synergy Moon (International)
Euroluna (International)

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