The world's oldest pant is 3,000-years-old

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The world's oldest known pants have been found in two tombs in western China, which are estimated to be 3000-3300 years old. The straight-cut pants look much like modern-day riding trousers says experts of the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin.

Ulrike Beck and Mayke Wagner discovered two wool pants in the Tarim Basin in western China near Janghaji excavation sites in two graves. The style of the pants allowed free movement for warriors at times of war or shepherds when herded animals.

"This finding clearly confirms the theory that the pant was invented by pastoralists in the Tarim Basin for horse riding purposes" said Victor Mair, University of Pennsylvania linguist.

According to Mair, the equestrian lifestyle appeared roughly 3,400 years ago and the invention of the pant spread shortly after that to the northern and western parts of the Tarim Basin. The beginning of the use of horses in human societies is uncertain, but it could have appeared at least 4,000 years ago.

According to Beck and Wagner, the two men found in the tombs were about 40 years old when died and they were shepherds and warriors. In one of the tombs reins, a bridle, a battle ax and leather arm pads have been found. In the other tomb a whip, various horse tail decorations, and an arrow have been discovered.

The age of the pants has been established by the help of fiber samples taken from the findings; the pants were sewn together from three-pieces of brown wool: one for each leg, and the third part for the waist. The pants were slit open at each side, the pant legs were decorated and string was used to keep the pants up.

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