Two thousand Ukrainian troops encircled at Lugansk Airport

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Not even a month ago, after brief skirmishes between people's militias and the Ukrainian army Lugansk Airport was taken over by Ukrainian troops. The Western mainstream media celebrated. Victory, however, quickly turned into a nightmare.

The people's militia, after realizing that they can keep the airport only by taking major losses, withdrew their forces from the airport and instead, encircled the entire area; since then, all armored vehicles wanted to cross the encirclement have been destroyed. All helicopters that tried to drop supply to the entrapped Ukrainian troops were shot down.

Yesterday, the commander of the Ukrainian military unit, who led the military campaign (and still staying at the airport) announced his resignation and sent a delegation to the people's militia commander to negotiate the conditions of their surrender due to insufficient supply of food for the troops.

The militia leader is willing to negotiate; but he accepts only unconditional surrender. All troops can leave the airport but they have to hand over all their weapons, and armored combat vehicles to the people's militia. The commander of the militia told members of the Russian press that they have sufficient fire power to keep the airport under blockade for many more weeks.

Two Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 jets bombed the area around the airport, but did not achieve any results. Previously, two fighter jets attempted to cover a small airliner flying out from the airport - probably wanted to take out the wounded - but it was kept under heavy fire and had to abandon the takeoff. After the failed attempts to break the encirclement by the Ukrainian army, the commander of the surrounded troops initiated the negotiations.

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