Ethnic Hungarian member of the Ukrainian parliament István Gajdos proposes amendment to the mobilization act

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The only ethnic Hungarian member of the Ukrainian parliament sent a letter to Ukrainian President Petro Porosenko asking the president to amend the mobilization act reported MTI on Wednesday.

Gajdos pointed out that among residents of Transcarpathia, which include ethnic Hungarians mobilization caused serious concerns indicated by protests took place in a number of settlements in the last few days. "Residents who worry about their sons, husbands, and fathers contacted me, and I felt obliged to inform the Head of State about those concerns and propose solutions" said Gajdos.

In the letter the parliamentarian suggested that mobilization should focus on members of law enforcement agencies, and other armed services - the MP suggested voluntary mobilization of professional and reserve soldiers. In addition, the parliament should consider recalling Ukrainian peacekeepers serving abroad, which could provide a major boost to the armed forces.

Gajdos also called for rotation of troops serving in the eastern front, every three months. "Our priority is to make sure that residents of Transcarpathia serving in the army remain in the territory of Transcarpathia" the MP added.

In addition, the parliamentarian asked the president don't exempt refugees resettled in Transcarpathia from military service.

The Hungarian MP also urged the president to keep the ethnic composition of Transcarpathia intact when resettling refugees from the war-torn eastern regions.

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