Government puts final touches on the German Occupation Monument under the cover of the night, extremist Atlanticists desecrated it

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The intimidated government put final touches on the German Occupation Monument under the cover of the night. The memorial was conceived to commemorate all victims of the war. However, there are groups that believe they are the only ones deserve memorial for being victims of war.

Approximately, one hundred extremist Jews and their supporters as well as leading members of the globalist opposition funded from abroad gathered at the monument in the early morning hours today to protest against the completion of the memorial; they vowed if they come to power they will demolish the structure then, pelted the monument with eggs.

The deranged leader of the "Keep Senile Senior Citizens Active" fan club (a.k.a. Democratic Coalition) Ferenc Gyurcsány also issued a statement condemning the memorial and accusing the government of falsifying history and the Holocaust.

In May Prime Minister Viktor Orbán sent a letter to thirty Jewish-American congressmen and senators explaining to them that the monument pays tribute to the loss of our freedom in the Second World War. Earlier, American-Jewish leaders asked the prime minister to reconsider the plan of the monument.

The prime minister wrote, the monument is not a Holocaust memorial - adding that there are several Holocaust memorials already exist in Hungary. Rather the German Occupation Memorial is a national monument, which reminds us all to pay tribute to the memory of all victims of the war and the loss of our country's sovereignty and its tragic consequences that has caused lots of suffering to the whole nation."

Journalists that covered the demonstration pointed out that the rage and hatred of the troublemakers have been directed against Gabriel Archangel symbolically representing the Hungarian nation in the sculptural composition, rather than against the imperial eagle representing Nazism. The hatemongers pelted the Archangel with eggs and left the eagle element alone so expressing their irrational hatred towards the Hungarian nation.

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Angela Bogaczy said...

This is chutzpah at its most laughable: These people, the falsifiers of our war-time history bis Gromoboj, are telling us that we are falsify their falsifications, and they expect us to take them seriously!

This, however, is where the joke ends. Pelting with eggs the image of the Archangel Gabriel, Hungary's patron saint, is a seriously offensive desecration. But there are no surprises here, given that their kind is partying atop a hill in Sderot, cheering the merciless murdering of the defenceless denizens of Gaza. (We had a taste of that sort of thing from them after both World Wars.)

The point to celebrate is that the monument is magnificent, exceeding the promise its design-sketch had help up.

Anonymous said...

Hideous in every way... damn that thing is ugly.

Angela Bogaczy said...

Anonymous! What a thing to say! Do have another look. And csipisz az orrodra! :)

Beau Simon said...

I love Hungary and Jews hate Hungary because they know our true roots. The Hungarians and Germans are on their extermination list.

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