Hunocha international horseback archery competition was held in Verőce

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hunocha international horseback archery competition was held in Verőce, Losi Valley on July 8 to 12 as part of Hungarians for Europe, Europe for Hungary event.

The competition has been organized by "Íjász Útja" (Archer Way) School and
thirty participants took part in the event among them horseback archers from Poland, South Africa, USA, Britain, Brazil, Canada.

The competition have been organized in four distinct styles including Korean, Polish, Hungarian and "nyílzápor" style.

The first prize in the Korean and Polish style went to Mátyás Ruszák (Íjász Útja Iskola - Archer Way School). Mátyás Ruszák also won the European Championships in Turkey last year.

Mihály Cozmei (Íjász Útja Iskola - Archer Way School) won the first place in "nyílzápor" style and Robert Borsos (Canada) won the Hungarian style.

The overall champion of the competition was Mátyás Ruszák.

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