Interior Minister Sándor Pintér: Fear of gypsy criminals caused by old-age related disorder

Monday, July 14, 2014

At a press-conference in Budapest, Interior Minister Sándor Pintér and National Police Chief Károly Papp announced that the 24-hour police presence in the street program will continue until December 31 and the government provides HUF 2,287 billion in extra money for the project. This is the continuation of a pilot project introduced last year in five counties (Heves, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok, Szabolc-Szatmár, Hajdú-Bihar) but now, the program has been extended nationwide.

The two leaders announced that the pilot project is highly successful and the results speak for themselves. Károly Papp remarked that in the five counties the total number of crimes decreased by 15 to 20 percent - there were 27 percent less theft and burglary in those counties; car thefts have decreased and more drunk drivers and smugglers have been apprehended.

While discussing improving public security, a journalist called attention to the situation of elderly people who are afraid to leaving their homes in gypsy infested municipalities. The home secretary replied that this fear caused by old-age related disorder.

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Anonymous said...

I want this guy to move to Tiszaeszlar in Szabocs County and enjoy the rest of his life there surrounded by his "loving" gipsy friends.

Angela Bogaczy said...
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Angela Bogaczy said...

This Pintér fellow’s tenyérbemászó grin suggests that he is himself suffering from an ‘old-age related disorder’ – a personalised one that inclines him to shameless lying. Is he really unaware of the too-many elderly people who have been murdered in their homes by gipsy burglars? Does he not know that the elderly are the easy targets in the street of gipsy muggers? ‘No’ is the only available answer to both these questions. So what is the swine doing – provoking us perhaps, to prove what an unassailably big man he is? He is, of course, given his security-guards who seal him off hermetically against the punch in the face he fully deserves whenever he appears in public. Pardon my transports … :)

Angela Bogaczy said...
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Anonymous said...

Pinter is an idiot.
Even if he had a degree in psychology - which he doesn't - he'd still be an idiot for saying such unfounded crazy nonsense, and if he'd be in a mental health association (as a professional) the comment would be grounds for him to be kicked out.

Angela Bpgaczy said...

'...the comment would be grounds for him to be kicked out.' For sure. And why is it not? The ramifications of this one are more than a little worrying.

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