Jobbik demands apology from extremist liberal politicians attended the Budapest pride

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The obscenities, anti-Hungarian and anti-Christian slurs that engulfed the deviant parade yesterday rightly outrage decent citizens regardless of their sexual orientation writes Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki in a statement issued on Sunday.

Due to the fact that the deviants' disruptive behavior may violate public nuisance laws Jobbik calls on authorities to investigate the incidents took place during the gay parade yesterday and punish those violated the laws including the makers of obnoxious posters and the obscene costumes as well as organizers who didn't remove obscene signs from public view.

"We demand that the extremist liberal politicians that supported the event by their presence as a moral minimum issue an apology to the Christian churches and the Hungarians nation. Why none of them told the offenders to stop insulting common values and end their outrageous acts that were prevalent throughout the march? In the meantime, we expect from state officials to dissociate themselves from the scandalous event" writes the Jobbik politician.

(Note: A couple of thousand gays, lesbians and other weirdos, many of them foreigners attended the gay parade yesterday marching through the hermetically sealed streets of Budapest protected by riot police.

The general public was not allowed to get close to the marchers; even those lived in the neighborhood were told to stay away until the crowed left the area. It was a stage performance without audience, which I guess bothers the most of those that would like to expand the event to be a national picnic that already the case in several European countries as well as in North America. I don't see that this can happen anytime soon in Eastern-Europe.

Nationalist groups couldn't prevent the event from taking place, however they have achieved their goals by creating a situation when police had no choice but to hermetically seal the procession route for fear of clashes so minimizing the toxic effect of the event on the general public and especially, on children.

One person dressed up as a priest held a poster saying “Nemzeti érzelmű faszszopók” - Nationalist cocksuckers. Another poster showed a map of historical Hungary with a penis in the middle.

Demonstrators followed the marchers all the way to “Hősök tere” where it ended trying several times to break through police lines. Apparently, at one occasion police used teargas against demonstrators as they got too close to the weirdos.

Security was very tight; at the end of the event participants could leave the area only through a subway station, which was heavily guarded by security personnel.

But before organizers called on participants to put the rainbow flags away and remove any signs or clothing that might identify them.)

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