Jobbik has filed criminal complaint in relation to the Budapest pride

Monday, July 7, 2014

Jobbik has filed a criminal complaint against a gay man that desecrated Christian symbols and displayed obscenities during Budapest pride on Saturday said Jobbik vice president Tamás Sneider on Monday.

The gay man dressed as a priest displayed a poster that said "Nemzeti érzelmű faszszopók" (Nationalist cocksuckers), an obscene slur, which is capable of causing agitation and anxiety among the general public.

Jobbik has also filed a criminal complaint against three gypsies that attacked a demonstrator that managed to infiltrate into the gay crowd during the march.

In the meantime, it turned out that the man(?) who committed these atrocious acts is an Italian citizen and has been living in Hungary for 6 years. He also attended the Budapest pride in 2012.

Budapest Police Headquarters Intelligence Department captured three gypsies suspected of attacking a man infiltrated into the gay crowd during the gay march on Saturday. All three have been taken into custody on suspicion of breach of peace.

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Angela Bogaczy said...

Well done Jobbik! And, thanks to's publishing of photos of the three Gypsies who criminally assaulted the protestor, the police have had not choice put to prosecute those criminals. Last heard of, the three were in police custody, and an application for their preliminary detention is in place. (Strangely, at the attack scene itself, the police arrested the protestor who had been assaulted and held him for 72 hours, but they did not even view the identities of his assailants.)

PS: Please, please Hungarian Ambiance: do stop calling homosexuals 'gays'. Why give in to this thoroughly mendacious metaphor that hijacks the lovely word 'gay'?

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