Katinka Hosszú can't compete against male swimmers

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Katinka Hosszú wanted to compete in two events in men's 400m medley at National Championships in Debrecen starting next Wednesday, but because of the rules, she can't do it.

"Knowing Katinka's mentality, I actually wasn't surprised when she told me she wanted to compete in two men's event" said head-coach László Kiss to Sport News Telekom Service.

"Surely, this event would have been the highlight of the championship, but unfortunately competition rules do not allow this kind of excursion into the spectacular," said the head-coach.

( – – Photo: K. H. facebook)


Anonymous said...

So, can I compete in Women's Synchronized Swimming as well next time? The underwater view would be incredible man. Give me a break

HungarianAmbiance said...

Synchronized swimming is different, it is an artistic event, medley is about raw speed, therefore, her idea is not as crazy as it seems.

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