Mass desertion in the Ukrainian army

Monday, July 28, 2014

Ukrainian soldiers desert military en masse and applying for asylum in Russia. The Ukrainian high command replace the deserters with untrained recruits, which basically means that the replacements are sent to a slaughterhouse. Due to huge losses in battlefield operations, Ukrainian youth in several municipalities started burning their draft-cards.

The Ukrainian leadership tempering news reports on the number of soldiers killed at the eastern front. According to Kiev, so far around 350 soldiers died in the civil war. Rebels, however, estimate that this number is close to 1O,OOO.

The people's militia keep finding mass graves all over the places they liberate. For example, near Zaporozhye in a lake they've found a mass grave full of dead bodies wearing only underwear; many of the bodies were operated on and had missing organs suggesting that an illegal organ trafficking network might operate within the Ukrainian army.

Meanwhile, border area hospitals in Russia are crowded with wounded Ukrainian soldiers. The soldiers are complaining that authorities tricked them to sign documents indicating they volunteered for the military.

The vast majority of deserters had no intention of fighting. They were invited to the military administration, and were told to sign several documents in a hurry. They didn't know what those documents were. Two weeks later came the order with threats to show up for military service otherwise, they will be arrested for refusing orders complained the deserters in the Russian hospitals.



0jr said...

Gaza, Ukraine and the Fraud of “Human Rights” Imperialism July 30 saw back-to-back atrocities in Gaza that made it clear to anyone with eyes to see that Israel is carrying out a war of terror against civilians. Its aim is to break the will of the Palestinian people through the murder of children, the destruction of homes, and the driving of an entire population back to Stone Age conditions. Kiev Deploys WMDs Against Eastern Ukraine

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