MEP Andrea Bocskor of Transcarpathia is accused of spying by the chauvinist, anti-Hungarian Svoboda party

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A representative of the Ukrainian chauvinist Svoboda party called on the Ukrainian Security Service (SZBU) to screen MEP Andrea Bocskor - who won a seat in the European parliament from Fidesz electoral list - because the MEP is suspected of spying.

Hír24 website referring to Holos Karpat Ukrainian portal writes that radical politician Taras Osaulenko questioned the head of the Security Service of Ukraine about MEP Andrea Bocskor's assumed spying activities.

For the time being there is no information what are the motives behind the Ukrainian politician's wild accusations or whether the SZBU has launched any investigation against the Fidesz politician.

(Hir24 –


Anonymous said...

Hungarian Bankster and George Soros agent Kálmán Mizsei to oversee Ukraine’s security sector reform

Kálmán Mizsei to oversee Ukraine’s security sector reform

The European Council established a mission to assist Ukraine in matters of national security (EUAM Ukraine), which will be headed by Kálmán Mizsei.

For an announced period of 2 years, but possibly extending to 10, he will advise and oversee the Ukrainian government to reform its police and army forces.

Kálmán Mizsei is a Hungarian banker who specializes in privatization processes. He held key positions at the Institute for East West Security Studies in New York (1992-1995) (which currently publishes a daily newsletter on Ukraine), and at the AIG Global Investment Group (1997-2001). He became Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and served as UNDP Regional Director for Europe and the CIS (2001-2006), then as special representative of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova (2007-2011).

He is close to George Soros.

Anonymous said...

What Do We Mean by “Conspiracy Theories”? The Ceaseless Torment of a Vigilant Public By James F. Tracy

...the conspiracy theory label is routinely mobilized by major corporate media to denigrate honest and intelligent individuals who bring forth important questions on vital events and issues...a rational citizenry has an obligation to scrutinize what is reported and analyzed in corporate media, and balance their observations and conclusions by considering reportage of foreign and independent alternative media...exercise the fundamental principles of logic to locate and assess quality information and research.…“Conspiracy theory/ist” label is a psychological warfare weapon that has from the perspective of its creators been overwhelmingly effective. Here is a set of words that is used to threaten, discipline and punish the intellectual class...who might question or otherwise refuse to tow the party line….designate pedestrian skeptics and researchers is redundant. After all, as Orwell said, “The proles don’t count.”
Thus, unless we forthrightly interrogate the phrase and its unfortunate history we will be prone to the same confusion and misdirection that its originators intended...
...One can fool some of the people some of the time, and there’s still a significant portion of the population—including those who are highly educated, who can’t imagine it’s own government could be so corrupt…effectiveness of our educational and media apparatuses, each of which emphasize an unhistorical worldview and unquestioning deference to authority figures.
...When we use the term, “transnational corporate conglomerate,”...we should include the US and British governments, each of which are in the practice of imperial expansion while either subsidizing or forthrightly funding news media. All such powerful entities understand the importance of concealing, disseminating, and using information to shape public opinion in ways that will be favorable to its corporate and policy interests...entertainment and public relations masquerading as journalism…The best journalism today is being produced by independent writers and news media. At present there is a renaissance taking place in this regard because of the internet.
...The US government doesn’t have to care a great deal about what the public thinks so long as it has major news media committed to producing a steady stream of non-journalism and infotainment to distract the people from considering the things that really impact on their lives... those asking serious questions and conducting potentially meaningful research are dismissed within the parameters of permissible dissent as “conspiracy theorists,” at least long enough for a majority of the public to stop caring and forget.
...We have to keep in mind that the punitive use of psychiatry to punish thought crimes was common practice in the darkest days of the Soviet Union…government is changing its ways in order to force its own versions of reality on the public.
...recent research suggests that entertaining conspiratorial explanations of reality—meaning that one does not take what their political leaders offer as explanations of policies or events—is likely indicative of a higher intelligence and simply good citizenship…credibility left for the government to lose...government is regarded by some as paternal or maternal protectors…the welfare state—a savior of the common man—even though he further established the banking sector’s control over the country and laid the groundwork for the present technocracy. ...government by cult of personality…Barack Obama is the equivalent of a rock star...his personality and charisma supersede public realization of the actual policies and trade deals he is enacting on the behalf of his sponsors—mostly powerful, anti-democratic interests...

Anonymous said...

Transcarpathian Gambut

The third wave of mobilization is launched in Ukraine to compensate for losses suffered in Donbass. It hits big bumps on the way. Nobody wants to be cannon fodder for the ruling regime to add to the death toll of thousands. People run away from different regions of the country, even the ones situated far from the conflict zone, to find refuge in Russia. Many of them are male citizens of the right age to be called for military service.

The situation in the western part of Ukraine, especially theTranscarpathian region, has become explosive with people’s discontent getting ripe. The region has buried 70 countrymen losing their lives in the Donbass battles. The anger against the regime is growing…

The territory of the Transcarpathian region (Sub CarpathianRus) has been part of Austro-Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania. The population is mixed. There are large Hungarians, Slovak, Romanian and Roma (gypsy) communities. The Rusins make up the majority. Unlike the United States and Europe, Ukraine refuses to recognize the very existence of such people. During census and issuing IDs many of Rusins were forcibly made to be registered as Ukrainians. Kiev refused to recognize the results of the 1991 referendum on granting the Transcarpathia autonomy. It all fuels the rising resentment.

The Rusin and Hungarian movements for autonomy were given a new impetus by the February coup in Kiev. The Maidan supporters made things deteriorate by their repressions against the Hungarian minority of the Transcarpathian region. As a result, the Rusins and Hungarians coordinated their activities and joined together to protest the third phase of mobilization announced by Poroshenko.

One of Rusin leaders Petro Getsko says 90, 9% of Transcarpathians don’t recognize Petro Poroshenko as a legitimate president of Ukraine. Asked about the unraveling of events in Donbass, where the punitive operation is proceeding, 76, 9% responders said that now yellow-blue, not brown, has become the color to symbolize fascism - the plague revived in Ukraine in our time.

The people of Transcarpathia refuse to comply with the decisions of the Ukrainian leader who calls for war against other Ukrainians. They block roads, including international highways, siege enlistment stations and other administrative buildings....
The conscription is in force only for common people. According to reports from Kiev, the former interim president and incumbent parliament speaker Alexander Turchinov has recently fired an enlistment official who dared to send a call-up paper to draft his son...
If the protest goes on the rise and the Kiev regime tries to use punitive actions to quell it, like it does in Donbass, Hungary and Romania will not leave alone their co-nationals living in the western part of Ukraine. To avoid the divisions inside NATO the United States and its European allies will have to turn a blind eye on the support of “separatists” by Budapest and Bucharest to keep Kiev away from opening the Western front.

It will demonstrate the double standards of NATO, the image of the United States and the European Union will inevitably be damaged, but everything will be done to keep Hungary, Romania and Slovakia inside the Euro Atlantic structures. This unraveling of events will discredit Ukrainian authorities, provoke unrest in other regions of the country, stymie the Poroshenko’s war plans and undermine the attempts of Washington and Brussels to demonize the self-defense forces of Donbass and Russia.

What if Washington and Brussels will have to sacrifice the Transcarpathian region to get a more valuable prize? What will they choose – to give a green light to a war at the European Union’s border, or agree to cut the territory of Ukraine by excluding Transcarpathia – time will show.

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