Nato is planning a major provocation in Ukraine

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Dutch-Ukrainian agreement has been reached today regarding the deployment of armed international investigators at the Malaysian airliner disaster site in Eastern Ukraine.

The international "investigators" made up by military and civilian experts from the Netherlands, Australia, and other countries whose citizens lost their lives in the plane crash. According to the agreement, the deployment of the armed experts can't exceed 700 heavily armed men.

Experts can move freely in Ukraine, if the investigation justifies it; experts are allowed to wear weapons, and the use of force for self-defense in order to ensure the successful completion of their mission say the text of the agreement published on the Ukrainian presidential website.

Dutch and Australian MH17 investigators failed to reach the wreckage of the plane on Tuesday due to heavy fighting in the area.

The Malaysian airliner was shot down on July 17. All 298 people on board were killed including 193 Dutch nationals.

The west tries to blame the air-disaster on Russia and the people's militia fighting for independence of Eastern Ukraine. Several media reported today that apparently, the commander of 156th Ukrainian anti aircraft regiment admited to a German newspaper to shooting down the Malaysian plane.

Earlier, Russia released satellite images of a Su-25 fighter jet that flew at close range of the civilian aircraft minutes before it crashed.

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