PM Viktor Orbán's cell phone was stolen at his daughter's wedding

Friday, July 18, 2014 received confidential information from police sources confirming that the the prime minister's cell phone was stolen at her daughter's wedding last September. The prime minister's press chief Bertalan Havasi did not comment on the incident, other government sources, however, confirmed that the information was indeed true.

Ráhel Orbán's wedding was held last September in Tükröspuszta where two iPhones were stolen. Police launched an investigation in the case in November.

One employee commented on the incident in a blog by saying that he didn't understand why police wanted DNA samples taken from him. According to the employee, the phone may cost only 150 thousand forints, but the investigation already cost millions. The person also remarked how come when simple citizen's phones are stolen police don't investigate the cases.

Earlier, Hír24 reported that one of the stolen cell phones belonged to Ráhel Orban's girlfriend; the cell phone stored pictures made during Ráhel Orbán's hen party.

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(Note: It is unfortunate that not even the nationalists immune to media influences when it comes to believing atrocious lies like for instance, appearances equal reality; this is what both the liberal and the nationalist media hammer 24-hours a day – and in this sense most of the nationalist media are also guilty of deceiving the public by helping to create a mass of people with very poor strategic thinking that regularly confuse political theatre with reality. The majority of the dumbed down population in both sides of the political divide believe that police investigating the phone incident because the prime minister suffered financial loss. Does this make sense to you? Those who claim this can't imagine that the phones perhaps were stolen by agents of unfriendly powers who infiltrated into the prime minister's inner circle to obtain compromising information about the prime minister in order to use that information against him at some later time; for instance, in the next election campaign. I'm not claiming this is the case, but I wouldn't be surprised if the investigation found that indeed this was the case. Even if no compromising information stored on the phones the fact that agents managed to infiltrate into the prime minister's inner circle is a reason for grave concern and fully justifies police efforts to find the perpetrators.)


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