Russian politician tabled bill in State Duma to re-introduce the term “Little Russia” as an official name for Ukraine

Friday, July 4, 2014

Mihail Degtyarev

Representative of the Russian State Duma Mihail Degtyarev has submitted a proposal in the Russian parliament to re-introduce the term Little Russia as an official name for Ukraine.

The Russian politician explained that the term Little Russia was in general use from the XIV. century until the 1917 October Revolution. The name Ukraine appeared only after the October revolution, which is clearly linked to Bolshevik efforts to create a separate identity for the region. Since then, the term Little Russia acquired pejorative connotation, which was significant from the point of view of the artificial creation of the Ukrainian national identity. The Russian politician said the term Ukraine designated an identity building process aiming to destroy the population's Little Russian identity.

Russian linguist communities also asked politicians to give the two terms equal status in common use and employ the term Little Russia exclusively in political discourse when referring to Ukraine.

In the meantime, Mihail Degtyarev issued a call to all politicians and journalists to start using the term Little Russia in everyday communication.

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