Some of the highlights of PM Viktor Orbán's speech at Bálványos University Student Camp

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The new Hungarian state organization will be based on work and won't be liberal in nature.

The 2008 Western financial crisis has triggered fundamental changes in the global sphere, which are similar to the transition period took place after the first and second world wars, and the 1990s; but this event wasn't evident to the people, they didn't realize the extent of changes, the fact that the next day they woke up in a radically different world.

There is a race in the world today to invent a state structure that can make a nation successful. To invent a system that is not based on Western democratic tradition, a system, which is not liberal and not democratic, and yet successful - countries like Singapore, China, India, Russia, Turkey. We are trying to find and adopt organizational forms, which are independent of Western European dogmas and ideologies, which have the potential to make the new Hungarian state, and our communities competitive in the global sphere.

The liberal principles of social organization should be phased out because the liberal state failed to protect the property of the Hungarian communities, it failed to protect the country from indebtedness, and the families from debt slavery. The Hungarian nation is not merely a set of individuals, but a community that should be organized, strengthened and expanded. Therefore, the new Hungarian state won't be a liberal state in the future.

Some, civilian organizations (NGOs) employ foreign paid activists who are doing their best to enforce foreign interests in the country. This fact should be acknowledged in the reorganization of the Hungarian state. "Therefore the decision to set up a standing committee in the Hungarian parliament to monitor and disclose deals related to foreign lobby activities in Hungary was the right decision."

By nationalizing the MKB Bank Hungarian state ownership in the banking sector exceeded 50 percent.

According to the prime minister, the welfare state has exhausted its reserves, and doomed to fail if changes are not implemented. Hungary has to give up copying Western solutions, which are "killing us."

The prime minister firmly opposes the EU policy on immigration. Instead, the EU should support those groups of people that are able to work, but currently do not have adequate training. Otherwise, the time will come when the ethnic foundation of nation states will disappear. This is what we want? "We do not want to make a United States of America out of Europe."

Hungary is a member of NATO and the EU and our greatest problem is that more than two-thirds of our trade directed towards the EU, which is an unhealthy ratio. The right proportion would be 50 percent - the other half should be directed to other parts of the world so that our country could stand on many legs.

What is happening today between Russia and the Western world is very bad for Hungary.

PM Orbán said he didn't agree with the U.S. foreign policy initiative that calls for the dissemination of human rights in the world as the main task of the state; instead, Hungary should set a goal to be a successful state and the national foreign policy should be based on this effort. Rather than reciting human rights issues, practical and relational cooperation should be established among the various players.

Regarding the South Stream pipeline the prime minister said it was a vital project for Hungary. Despite the fact that Hungary supports the Ukrainian people in the current conflict with Russia, we need a safe gas supply route to Europe. The time will come very soon when Russia will cut off gas deliveries to Ukraine, because it can not pay for the shipments. We shouldn't sacrifice our own interests on the altar of the ongoing Ukrainian crisis Viktor Orbán stressed.

In the current world situation anything can happen, you can even be afraid of the uncertain future, however this uncertainty may offer chances and opportunities for the Hungarian people. Rather than giving in to fear and turning inward I suggest a forward-looking thinking, and courageous and rational actions to the Hungarian communities in the Carpathian Basin and around the world. Because anything can happen in the world today, it may very well be that we will be the winners of the ongoing adjustments in world politics concluded his speech Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

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