Spanish dispatcher: Kiev authorities announced the crash of the Malaysian airliner too soon

Friday, July 18, 2014

© Photo: REUTERS / Maxim Zmeyev

A few minutes before the Malaysian Boeing plane crashed in Ukraine, Ukrainian military jets were noticed close to the Malaysian airliner writes a Spanish dispatcher, who closely monitored the flight route of the Malaysian plane, on Twitter.

According to the dispatcher, Ukrainian military jets flew close to the airliner just three minutes before the Boeing disappeared from the radar screen.

"Immediately, after the Boeing disappeared from the radar screen Kiev authorities told us that the plane crashed. How did they know that so soon? " writes Carlos on his micro blog.

Apparently, the Spanish air-controller's post on Twitter is a piece of disinformation.



0jr said...

Apparently the update is a coverup for the commie jew regime by this commie jew sponsered site

Agarez said...

No it's not desinformation.

You can check it yourself:*/

One can't forge the archives. And archive shows that his twitter were registered in 2010 and he were at Kiev airport's ATC tower in May 2014, 5 month before catastrophe. His frist archived tween about incident is 1:40 after plane crashed and 30 minutes before ANY information became availible on mass media - before anybody knew, except ukranian services.

It is solid proof that he was there and had some information. The only debatable question is: how solid was informations he had and where exactly he got it?

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