Sudanese mercenaries with British passport fighting in the Ukrainian army

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A few days ago, Donetsk people's militia reported finding the remains of several black soldiers dressed in Ukrainian uniform after a mop up operation in the Donetsk region. Among the remains, militiamen found a British passport belonged to one of the black causalities who was a British citizen of Sudanese descent who entered the country with Ukrainian visa.

The visa was issued on November 9, 2013. EU citizens can travel to Ukraine without visa since 2014. It is possible that Mohammed Abu Elgasim actively involved in the Majdan uprising and the coup d'état that brought down the Yanukovich government.

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Namaa AL- Mahdi said...

How can I find out more about the case of Mohammed Abu Elgasim- do you have any information of who to contact

Anonymous said...

This is complete and utter bullshit! Mohamed El-Gassim was a collegue of mine back in sudan and he has ZERO political affiliations.

HungarianAmbiance said...

The news originally appeared here:

Anonymous said...

Probably recruited by Kolomoisky, the Swiss-Israeli-Cypriot-Ukrainian oligarch.

salah mukhtar said...

This story is not true. Mohammed Abu El Gasim is a Medical student in Ukraine University. Mohammed went to Ukraine to do his medicine degree since November last year (2013) long before any problems started in Ukraine. Mohammed got into a fight with a drunken Russian in a shop in Donetsk, the drunken man did not like it that Mohammed was speaking in English. the Rebels took Mohammed and left the Russian man and later made up these false accusations about an innocent student. The Rebels understood that they made a mistake and Mohammed is now free.

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