Tactical combat training for Hungarian youth

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The "Farkasok Egysége" (Wolves Alliance) training camp sponsored by the Sixty-four County Youth Movement (HVIM) and Betyársereg is a brand new project. The goal of the initiative is to expand the community, revive the Hungarian nation's healthy instinct for self-defense and instruct next generation warriors but not only in physical sense, but spiritually as well.

Participants attending the training camp will be instructed in modern military combat procedures and receive mental health training as well.

"Farkasok Egysége" is a continually evolving community; the aim of the camp is to train intelligent patriots who later can use their knowledge to protect their communities.

"Farkasok Egysége" is a close-knit community that evolved slowly through the years. Gábor Barcsa-Turner one of the architect behind the project talked about the organization in an interview with The organization evolved slowly through the years while we constantly modified it looking for its proper structure that fits best for our purpose. We started organizing the "Farkasok Egysége" community project in the summer of 2011, but we go public only now because we feel that the framework of the organization has developed to the point that it can be filled with content. We have a hard core unit in place ready to be expanded. I think we've created something unique here in Hungary as we've managed to introduce spiritual training into modern combat training. We filled a modern form with ancient content. Our strategy is not to target the subhuman faculties of individuals during training sessions like it is the case in regular army procedures. We don't humiliate those join us with disgusting and meaningless often immoral drills. The goal is to introduce a particular kind of lifestyle to the recruits that they can adopt as a life ritual, which remains part of the person's lifelong spiritual journey; this makes us better persons because in life, we continually have to overcome ourselves. The body often gives up, the soul is tormented, but the spirit takes us forward. We consciously look for limit situations that train us. I have seen many tough guys that called themselves warriors who then broke down in tough situations and gave up; but I saw regular people manifesting superhuman strength. Perennial, somewhat trite, nonetheless true the ancient maxim - before you kill the tiger, you have to defeat it in your head.

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