The creator of Rubik's Cube is seventy years old

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The creator of the world-acclaimed Rubik's Cube, architect and designer Ernő Rubik celebrated his 70th birthday on July 13.

Rubik was born in 1944 in Budapest, as the son of aircraft designer Ernő Rubik. He inherited the inventive spirit from his father. He graduated as an architect at the Budapest Technical University in 1967; then, he studied interior design at the College of Applied Arts. He had worked as an architect and lecturer in the Academy of Applied Arts (the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts today) between 1970 and 1988.

He created the Rubik's Cube at the spring of 1974 as a teaching aid to help illustrate spatial motions, which later turned out to be very entertaining as a game too. He finalized the Magic Cube in 1975, which was patented in October 28, 1976 under the name of "spatial logical game."

The popularity of the Rubik's Cube hasn't decreased after four decades, it still challenges players and mathematicians alike. The current World Record for the fastest single time solving a typical Rubik's cube: 5.55 seconds.

The success of the cube allowed him to do what he always wanted to. He left his teaching position and currently, he works as a software engineer developing architectural programs, and computer games. "The point is that I enjoy what I do," said Rubik in an interview. "I'm not the one that is important here but the cube. In fact, it is not even the cube, but its effect: how could a product like this influence so many people for so long while the world has changed a great deal since its release, yet its popularity still captures the imagination of new generations worldwide."

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