The World Federation of Hungarians has decided to establish a Petőfi Institute

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Delegate Assembly of the World Federation of Hungarians has decided to create a Petőfi Institute. The aim of the institute is to document the life and works of revolutionary poet Sándor Petőfi in particular the last part of his life as a prisoner of war in Siberia. Mainstream historians insist that Petőfi died in the battle of Segesvár on July 31, 1849 even if his body has never been found.

The Petőfi Institute is planned to have a documentation and research division as well as a museum section. The Delegate Assembly appointed the head of the Petőfi Committee Sándor Fuksz as the coordinator of the project.

The professional management of the Petőfi Institute will be under the direction of the head of Sárospatak Reformed College Library and a member of the Petőfi Committee József Endre Kiss.

In order to avoid harassment by the Hungarian government and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences that oppose the Petőfi project since the excavation of the remains of the national poet in Siberia on July 17, 1989 the planned institute will be established abroad.

(Note: The news release doesn't say in what country the institute will be set up)

(The World Federation of Hungarians news service –


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