Transcarpathian women rally against partial mobilization in Ukraine

Monday, July 28, 2014

After the announcement of partial mobilization a growing number of mothers and wives raising their voices against mass conscription in Ukraine.

"We Transcarpathians condemn the war and the mobilization" says one of the signs of the protesters.

The peaceful protest was initiated by a resident of Dercen on social web sites. About 200 people mostly women, took part in the protest of the municipalities of Rafajna, Gát, Kis and Nagybégány, Fornos, Beregszász, Izsnyéte, Alsókerepec and Péterfalva.

Protesters closed down the highway leading to Izsnyéte, which is located at Beregszász and Munkács district boundary causing a major traffic jam. The spot-duty police officer had to intervene only when a driver drove into the crowd, fortunately no one was injured.

Women that took part in the protest have chosen delegates among themselves representing every village and mandate them to write a letter that will be sent to county officials.

Today, in Nagybereg peaceful demonstrators prevented the delivery of draft-cards, and the latest news is that demonstrations have been continuing in more Transcarpathian municipalities. Transcarpathia women have also joined the growing nationwide protest movement against the war.

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YWontU said...

Good for these moms, who are stopping their criminal kiev government from waging war on Russia.

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