Ukrainian Front Report - Thursday

Friday, July 25, 2014


1, The Ukrainian regular army 79th airborne assault brigade (79 Nikolajev) has been destroyed by Russian rebels near Izvarino; from the 12OO Ukrainian soldiers only 123 survived the assault. Dead soldiers, burning tanks, exploded artillery cannons, burned out combat vehicles can be seen everywhere. In addition, Russian guerrillas also encircled the 24th and the 72th Ukrainian Infantry Brigade.

2, Russian militia have driven out the Ukrainian army from Kozhevnya, Chernoy, and Zara and surrounded the 25th Airborne Ukrainian brigade as well.

3, The Ukrainian army continue shelling Lugansk; news are coming in about high number of civilian casualties.

4, Igor Strelkov, Russian rebel army chief reported that near Balagodatnoe people's militia defeated the Ukrainian army and retook the town; the rebel army captured several armored vehicles and tanks, some need to be repaired.

5, The Ukrainian army attacking the crash site where the Malay airliner was downed with GRAD (РСЗО 9К51 "Град» (БМ-21)) rocket launchers preventing independent experts (OSCE delegates) from entering the area.

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