Ukrainian soldiers fleeing the besieged city of Lugansk by the thousands crossing the border into Russia

Thursday, July 17, 2014

In Lugansk outer districts Ukrainian army corps of approximately five thousand looking for a way to escape from the encirclement. Of the five thousand troops only about two thousand soldiers are combat ready reported Lugansk People's Republic official website Novorussia.

The 24th motorized Ukrainian brigade commander, Alexander Pavlik fled the theatre of operations leaving members of his unit to their fate. The troops without co-ordination and communication options split up small groups and trying to get out of the encirclement leaving their wounded comrades behind; they are crossing the border into Russia in huge numbers.

In the first round more than one hundred soldiers crossed into Russia, many of them already received medical treatment.

Among those left behind, the 72th motorized brigade suffered the largest losses. They have no ammunition left, they are out of water and food, and most of their weaponry non-functional.

On Wednesday, another fifteen wounded Ukrainian soldiers were transported to the Gukov urban hospital, in Rostov district reported the Russian state news agency Itar-Tass.

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