Unknown individuals have prepared a little surprise for the gay pride marchers

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Unknown individuals put up hundreds of posters under the cover of the night along the route of the gay pride march condemning the event taking place today in Budapest. The posters depicting the devil with rainbow flag symbolizing gay pride and the European Union flag.

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Angela Bogaczy said...

These posters were probably the only smile-provoking sight in this sad 'gay pride' event. Gayness and pride were in short supply in the shabby shambling of the aged, the misshapen and the permanently aggrieved-looking.

The creepy ATV coverage tried to talk up the marchers' profile as a singing, dancing love-in event that ambassadorial personal were patronising. The latter, however, were not in evidence. We saw the forced grinning of Róbert Alföldi (the ex-director of the Nemzeti Színház who tried to hire out that theatre's premises for a Rumanian celebration of their acquisition via Trianon of Erdély), but no-one of any consequence.

Once at the Városliget (the pictures of the crowd here seem to belie the '100,000 participants' claim claim) the unlovely president of the EP LMBTQ working group, Ulrike Lunacek, gave a vapid 'the importance of' talk, and some other women unfurled a 'fascists' banner. And still there was no evidence of the ATV-alleged joy and singing and dancing.

We need not worry about the adverse influence on our youth of 'gay pride' events. The participants in this turnout had the attractiveness of a freak show. I cannot see future ones presenting a better image.

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