American media attacking PM Viktor Orbán and the Hungarian government

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hungary’s ‘illiberalism’ should not go unchallenged

In reality, what Mr. Orban portrays as a new, post-crisis political model is little more than the same authoritarian nationalism practiced by thugs and charlatans throughout the 20th century — including Hungary’s pro-Nazi World War II regime. If there was an original idea in the July 26 speech, it was that Hungary could embrace “illiberalism” while remaining a member in good standing of the European Union.

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Anonymous said...

It's not the "American" media.
It's the Jewish owned, run and controlled media in America.
The Orban/Fidesz (and Hungarian) HATING Jewish 5th column in HU ask their brethren in the West to help to undermine Orban/Fidesz, so they can bring back the Jewish Cabal in power. The same crowd, that already robbed HU blind.
The Jews in America comply - of course - it's about their ethnic brothers to get back into power to loot and enslave and ultimately to destroy Hungary and Hungarians. Look at Palestine. The script is there to see, and it's the SAME.

They were in power in 1919. Look what they did; the murders the tortures - for fun. My grandmother was a witness. Then after the war; Rakosi and the rest, and AVO. Go to the Terror Museum in BUD to get the details, my parents and relatives told me about that period.

In every country they acquired absolute (life and death) power they went into an insane, psychopath berserk mode; theft, confiscation, enslavement, torture and butchery against the native population. The eywitness accounts (of the survivors) are out there, I've read many.
Chronologically: Soviet Union*, Baltic states, Bessarabia, Eastern Europe (Comblock), Palestine (Israel).


Anonymous said...

The El Jazeera has commented against Orban also. It would be completely surprising if we would not be aware that ElJazeera ni NOT what it pretends to be.

It again(!) proves the known, but never admitted FACT, that ElJazeera is a really CIA/Mossad operation with a Saudi front. It is NOT an "Arab" news organization. It is a US/Izzy psy-op to manipulate Arabs.

According to some well documented research, the house of Saud is ethnically Jewish. Their political behavior certainly reflects that fact; they NEVER ever help their Arab brothers(?) in any meaningful way.

Unfortunately, most of the Arabs are fooled into thinking that it's "their" news organization. I hope, soon, they'll figure out, that they are manipulated by their enemies.

Anonymous said...

This bit of writing ties to the constant attack of Orban and Hungary from the "usual" sources, and with El Jazeera, the unusual source.

Here is what Robert Reed (the news correspondent, writer, author) wrote in 1938; he was there in person, and witnessed in Vienna the German Anschluss:

"The Jews can apparently do everything, but exercise
self-restraint. (Repeat: "but exercise self-restraint"; don't we see this today in Gaza?)
Up to a few days before Hitler marched in, they still dominated the scene in Vienna.
The theatres, cinemas, cabarets and bars were
predominantly Jewish, in programmes, caste, ownership and management. In the more expensive cafés and restaurants they were always in the majority. The main business thoroughfares, the Kärntnerstrasse and Mariahilferstrasse, were to about eighty percent Jewish. From fifty to seventy
percent of all lawyers and doctors were Jewish. MOST NEWSPAPERS were Jewish(!). (my emphasis) In their demeanour in public the Jews in Vienna showed an extraordinary obtrusiveness, right up to the end, which was bound to produce a reaction."
("REACTION" - Hence the delirious welcome of Hitler by the Austrians - according to Reed)
FYI: Reed was NOT Nazi or Hitler friendly by ANY measure; he thought the Anschluss was an utter calamity for both Austria and of nearby countries.

The US (and HU) is a mirror image of the description of 1938 Vienna by Reed. Will his assessment and prediction of outcomes of Vienna/Austria be repeated i.e. a reaction?
Remember, in the US, ALL mainstream news organizations are Jewish owned and run.

Anonymous said...

It is the New World Order crap again. Wake up people

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